Message from Chairman

Mr. Gunkul Dhumrongpiyawut

Chairman of the Board

The year 2016, was a year of uncertain economy throughout the global economy. However, Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited continuing to generating the operating results. Even though, the operating results for this year is lower than the target. But the company has been preparing for development to the sustainable growth expectations. With expectancy that the expansion of Thailand’s economy will have a better direction in 2017, whether above the stability of the political situation appear getting better. ASEAN economies are expected to over expand more than the previous years. Including adjust the Company’s business strategies by focusing on the investment and the expansion of increasing production in overseas countries.

For the objective of operations performance in the past year the Company and our subsidiaries had revenues from sales of electricity increased which came from the distributions of electricity in commercial “Solar Rang Ngern Project” at the beginning of year 2016 and the distributions of electric commercial wind power plants, Wayu Wind farm Project”, revenues from productions and distributions of electrical equipment increased. However, the revenues from construction services decreased. Due to the distribution of supply equipment for electrical system to the power plants the Cooperative Solar project and the government has been chosen the property through an agreement signed PPA is lately of the original schedule that set up. As a result, the project developer of solar projects became delay in provide the supply equipment of electrical equipment. Anyway, the Company has adjusted a strategy of investing in renewable energy to overseas countries. In particular, Japan. In 2016 the Company got achieved agreement an additional two projects, total capacity of production that over 140 Megawatts (MW) which makes more chances for the Company and the Company Group, having a power plant with a total collection 488 Megawatts (MW). Therefore, the Company is still continued with development of new projects to generate a sustainable growth in the future.

In this year, the operation performance of the Company has given priority and focus on joining the network of private practice alignment Thailand “The anti-corruption” (Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption) by creating Anti-corruption and whistle blowing policy and Business Ethics policy including review the related important policies. To be using with personnel at all levels in the company in order to create a stable for foundation. Transparency able to checked, build confidence among shareholders, customers and business partners of the Company even in present and also in the future.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all shareholders, customers and business alliances for the continuous support to the Company and special thanks to the management team and all employees for contributing faithfully, prudently and dedicatedly to the success of the Company. I, therefore, commit to operate the Company’s business with Good Corporate Governance and sustainable growth so as to offer the best benefit to all related parties, as the quote “Smart Energy in Action”.