Message from Chairman

Mr. Gunkul Dhumrongpiyawut

Chairman of the Board

In 2017, the electricity situation in Thailand in terms of electricity cost was stable from the price of oil at the rate of USD 50 - 60 per barrel. It has a total capacity of 36,000 MW and has a peak demand of electricity consumption of 30,300 MW, which is close to the year in 2016 at 30,972 MW. As a result, the society raised the issue of the need to reserve electricity at a higher proportion than the maximum electricity consumption (Peak Demand) at the rate of 20% that is appropriate and affect the price of electricity is unnecessary or not. Thailand also uses natural gas to account for the largest portion of its electricity production in ASEAN at 70%, which results in electricity prices due to higher production costs compared to coal-fired power plants. It was a Government’s policy in the past year. However, it was not accepted by the population in the area to build coal-fired power plants under the principle of security, if there are power plants in areas where the electricity consumption rate is higher than the production itself such as, the south area of Thailand.

The situation of renewable energy, especially the type of solar power plant with the cost of generating electricity is lower than the purchase of electricity that sold through the Provincial Electricity Authority and the Metropolitan Electricity Authority approximately 15%. As a result, an electricity demand that generated by solar power in the private sector was higher in order to replace or reduce the proportion of electricity purchased from the electricity Authority in order to save costs and increase competitiveness of business. As a result, the demand for solar rooftop installations in the private sector has increased significantly since 2017.

Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited is the leading provider of renewable energy and It is 35th of the Company’s operation that has been through all aspects and impressive growth. The Company has become one of the leaders in clean energy for sustainable energy for Thailand and ASEAN with the assurance that clean energy is a key factor in contributing to the society around the power plant, by engaging and not causing any impact or pollution to the population surrounding the power plant. The Company also focuses on comprehensive product development and services for creating a return to all stakeholders under good corporate governance. As a result, the Company is famous for producing quality products, providing efficient service and timing delivery with the advanced technology plus the continually focus on develops production potential. As a result, the Gunkul Group has been trusted by both domestic and foreign customers with a target of 1,000 MW by 2021.

In addition, the Company attaches great importance to the participation of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption. There is a policy against corruption and business ethics including review all relevant policy in order to apply to all levels of personnel in the Company. GUNKUL’s goal is to continuously increase new developing projects for creating sustainable growth for the organization. This is the policy of the Company including the promotion of renewable energy or sustainable clean energy under caution to maximize the benefit of shareholders and stakeholders of the Company in order to build the foundation of security and transparency auditability also encourages shareholders, customers and business partners both in present and future.

Lastly, the most important thing is the Company always gets good cooperation and feedback from the benefactors of the Company such as, the Board, its employees, customers, shareholders, analysts, investors, and all related parties that help the Company to succeed. GUNKUL has a strong foundation that is a part of the sustainable development of Thailand’s electricity and energy system and growing in parallel with Thailand. GUNKUL delivers products and services with consistent quality also benefits to all sectors, society, environment, the nation and the Company to develop in tandem.