Project Milestone


Founded in 1982
as an electrical equipment trader


Set up our own Factory


Found the first offshore office in Myanmar


Entered into renewable energy EPC business
by achieving supply and set up the first wind turbine
of Thailand to EGAT

Since 2010

Expand into renewable energy power producer business
in Thailand and across Asian countries with a current
secured energy pool of 410MW (336 equity MW)


Possess a current renewable energy pool of 272 MW

Enter into Japan’s solar market with the 1 st phase energy portfolio in Japan of 65 equity MW.

Founded in 1982 as a distributor of power equipment by Mr. Gunkul Dhumrongpiyawut, who has extensive experience and strong relationship with local government authorizes in the Thai power space. Later, as equipped with strengths in trading and manufacturing power equipment, Gunkul entered into renewable energy space in 2009 in order to move up the value chain to vertical business integration and build a powerful integrated business model (from power equipment sales to EPC-OM contractor, operator of power plants, and then to a developer). This integration allows GUNKUL to not only transform its business model from the volatile trading and EPC business to the highly stable solar and wind farm business, but also to capture on a timely basis the growth potential of Thailand’s over 1,800 MW solar power capacity slated for completion by end-2015

In addition to its onshore business, GUNKUL expanded into neighboring CLMV(1) countries and set up the first offshore office in Myanmar over 20 years ago. Starting as a electrical equipment trader with local government authorities and has since, with a strong relationship with government authorities, transformed itself to energy producer business in Myanmar

GUNKUL has entered into Japan’s solar market since 2014 with the current energy portfolio in Japan of 65 equity MW. GUNKUL plans to establish its branch office in Japan within this year to support the surge of its renewable energy business in Japan