The Group operates a business of generating and distributing power from renewable energy sources (RES) for supplying to government sector in response to the state policies to promote renewable energy power generation and consumption.

Foreseeing that the business related to renewable energy carries a good opportunity for development and investment for reasons of high growth potential, low risk as well as steady and sustainable profitability, the Group has expanded its scope of business from the supply and distribution of renewable energy equipment to the generation and distribution of RES power. The new business is undertaken by Gunkul Chubu Powergen Co., Ltd. and G-Power Source Co., Ltd., its joint ventures, and by NK Power Sola Co., Ltd., a subsidiary.

Solar PV Rooftop

At the meeting on 13 August 2013, the cabinet acknowledged the National Energy Policy Councilûs resolution dated 16 July 2013 approving the program on power purchase from rooftop PV system at a quantity generated at the overall installed capacity of photovoltaic panels of 200 MWp, 100 MWp of which for resident-type buildings and another 100 MWp for industrial and factory buildings. The commercial sale to the power network connection system is scheduled to commence within 2013, under a Feed-in Tariff allowance for a term of 25 years.

Joining the program, Gunkul Engineering PCL has invested in projects in various provinces across the country. Gunkul Power Development Co., Ltd. was then established to support the construction of solar PV rooftop.

Wind Farm

Although Thailand near the equator make to wind speeds average level low to moderate but since it is a natural source of energy, no energy cost. Thailand is continuing to focus on the development of wind energy by exploring the potential for wind energy sources. The research and development of wind speed to suit the wind potential of the country and promote the use of wind turbine performance from Domestic and overseas. The renewable energy plan for 15 years targeted support wind energy amount 800 MW in 2022

Recognizing the government policy to strengthen the national energy security alongside the green growth strategy, the Company sees itself as being a supportive part in the development of alternative energy power generation and thus contributing to Thailandûs electricity security. It is therefore committed to develop wind-based power generation projects.

Power Plant Construction

The government policy to promote power generation from alternative energy together with the Companyûs capabilities in the production of alternative energy power, the distribution of products related to power plant operations and the engineering services provide the Company a firm step into the business of constructing alternative energy power plants.

Due to active promotion of alternative energy utilization by government agencies in effort to reduce global warming, the Group views that businesses related to alternative energy are of great potential for development and investment.