Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “GUNKUL”), concentrates in reporting the advancement and operations performance which is relevant both directly and indirectly to all groups of stakeholders through the sustainability report which was presented on a yearly basis.

The preparation of the sustainability report focuses in presenting the significant operations performance of GUNKUL and its subsidiaries throughout 2015 with concentration on all groups of stakeholders’ expectations, methods and operational channels, strategic guidelines, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Company strives to well manage the CSR together with its business operations in order to become “Thailand’s leading manufacturer and provider of equipment for electrical systems and alternative energy systems that meet and satisfy customers’ needs and concurrently maximize stakeholders’ return”. Moreover, the Company is strongly confident that the success in business operations does not derive only from management and human resources development, but along with the appropriate equilibrium in 3 dimensions of CSR which consist of economic, social and environment under the good corporate governance in order to reach the sustainable business operations as well as create a wellbeing society to Thailand. GUNKUL’s CSR policies are as follows:

social and environment under the good corporate governance with information disclosing to its stakeholders as follows :

The Company shall operate its business with great concern in social and environment responsibility and shall strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Company shall strictly comply with the laws, standards and regulations of preserving environment related to business operations.
The Company shall prevent and reduce any impacts caused from its business operations.
The Company shall develop and improve the operation functions in order to reduce the impact as well as continuously elevate the environmental friendliness.

The Company shall promote the çgood neighboré status with the community by developing the environmental friendliness for a sustainable and strong quality of life.

The Company shall promote the participation in the community so as to strengthening knowledge, understanding, performance audit as well as handling with impacts which may cause from its business operations.

The Company shall support in exchanging knowledge and experiences among individuals and various sectors in order to continuously develop the proper environment.