Mr. Chaloempon Sricharoen

  • Director (Authorized Director)
  • Executive Director
  • Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Age (Year)


Date and month of appointment as Director

10th August 2009 (12 Years 5 months)

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, Ramkhamhaeng University


Training Program

  • Certificate, Rule of Law for Democracy, Class 8, College of the Constitutional Court
  • Certificate, Good Governance for Medical Executives (GME), Class 9, the Medical Council together with King Prajadhipok’s Institute
  • Basic legal and contract courses for using in work and daily life
  • Certificate, Advanced Security Management Program (ASMP) Class 10/2019 The Association National Defence College
  • Certificate, Leadership Succession Program (LPS), Class 8, The Institute of Research and Development for Public Enterprises (IRDP)
  • Certificate, Advanced Certificate Course in Public Administration and Law for Executives, Class15 King Prajadhipok’s Institute
  • Cautions for Directors to Prevent Legal Risks, Responsibility of Directors according to Civil and Criminal Law, SET and SEC
  • Certificate, Advanced Security Management Program (ASMP), Class 10 The Association National Defense College
  • Certificate, Public Economics Management for Executives, Class 12/2014, King Prajadhipok’s Institute
  • Certificate, Director Accreditation Program (DAP), Class 70/2008, Thai Institute of Director (IOD)
  • Effective Senior Manager
  • Anti-Corruption Training Course
  • Certificate, Managing Finance for Business Owners by Peter Ho

Training in 2021

  • Seminar on “The Royal Decree on Interest Rate Modification for the 1st time in 95 years”
  • Seminar on “Know it before you make a mistake, the Computer Crime Act in the COVID-19 Era and IT Policy Update”
  • Seminar on “Guidelines and Considerations on Common Problems in Construction Contractors”
  • Seminar on "People adapt, World change, escape from disruptive with innovative organizations”

Working Experience during the Past 5 Years

GUNKUL’s Group

2014 – Present Gunkul Engineering PCL Vice President, Sales and Marketing
2009 – Present Gunkul Engineering PCL Director / Executive Director
2021 – Present G.K. Assembly Company Limited Director
2021 – Present G.K. Power Products Company Limited Director
2010 – Present K.N.P. Supply Company Limited Director

Number of companies currently holding the position of a director

  • Listed Company (s) 1
    Gunkul Engineering PCL Director / Executive Director
  • Non-Listed Companies (s) 3

Share Holding Percentage as at 31 December 2021


Relationship between Management

Brother of Ms. Sopacha Dhumrongpiyawut