Over the past 39 years, GUNKUL has performed its operations with stability, by persistence of its visions and strategies imparted as a foundation covering all areas of business. Steady profits are generated through a mixture of revenue streams. Grasping investment opportunities and acquiring potential new business to ensure that the Company continues to expand. Effective financial management is organized to support business growth. Human resources management is also a key drive for success. Building the Company’s brand to gain reputation and credibility, adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, and commitment to sustainable development are the Company’s top priorities.

All these factors made 2020 another successful year for the Company, in which all the targets were achieved as planned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, the Company is dedicated to developing corporate governance mechanisms, such as governance of subsidiaries and associates based on equal treatment of shareholders, anti-corruption policy, etc. By virtue of such dedication, the Company has achieved “Excellent” (5 Star rating) Corporate Governance (CG) scoring for four consecutive years, including the ASEAN-level award under the 2019 ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (“ACGS”) program,

the “ASEAN Asset Class Publicly Listed Companies Award”, awarded to ASEAN listed companies that score 97.50 points or higher. There are a total of 135 companies, of which 42 are Thai listed companies, the largest in ASEAN.

These reflect upon its status as a leading company in good governance, both recognitions are excellent encouragement for the Company to keep the standards up and continue to create value for the stakeholders.

To continue our vision to focuses more on both domestic and foreign investment in order to support the surrounding community by improving the quality of life, income distribution for a better living and share values for sustainability. We ensure that we conduct business with full experiences of management and staff that follows the company philosophy “Not Only theEnergy We Care”.

The Company develops its business based on the philosophy of harmonious coexistence in economic, social, and environmental aspects through good governance principles to create balance and sustainable values for all stakeholders. The Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee has set goals and guidance for all department within the organization under the framework of the United NationsSustainable Development Goals (SDG).

On behalf of Chairman of the Board, Board of Directors and Executives, we would like to thank our shareholders, joint investors, customers, and all stakeholders, for your continued trust and support. We would like to extend our appreciation to all staff members for their dedication in helping the Company achieve its goals amidst many challenges throughout the year. GUNKUL will deliver sustainable values to all stakeholders while pressing ahead with the commitment to steady and sustainable growth.