In 2018, the overall Thailand economy has slightly increased from the previous year resulted from government stimulus measures, such as the stimulation of domestic consumption, investment in public transport infrastructure and continued growth in tourism sector, despite to confront the risk factors from slow and fluctuated global economic recovery.

From the above circumstances, this is another company’s challenging year which faces managing risk from unavoidable external factors, such as, impact of oil price fluctuation, impact of global economic slowdown, world politics transformation, disruptive technology that may affect the overall business of the company.

The Company has changed its management strategies, training and human resource development to match in a fast changing world and current circumstances. In addition, to maintain our existing business by expanding energy business both domestic and abroad, the Company also invest in Solar Rooftop Project under the brand (GRoof) for sustainable grown with value added to the organization and prepare for Thailand economic growth in the future. The Company believes that energy business are key business in Thailand economic development as well as our opportunity to grow and generate more revenue in the future.

Gunkul is now a business leader in energy sector. We have never stopped improving our company and products for a sustainable growth and competing in world market. Especially in 2018, Thailand has been gearing towards “Thailand 4.0”.

Innovation and creativity will be key factors to drive Thai’s economy; therefore, marketing strategy turns to employ the new principles and the partners take important roles in the market. Marketing plans should be adaptive and modern.

However, the Company still recognizes the importance of conducting business according to good governance principles and management system based on sustainable development

with responsibility to all stakeholders in economy society and environment. In 2018, the Company focused on the establishment of measures against corruption and expressed our intention by participating the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption or CAC to provide management and employees with clear guidelines in line with anticorruption policy including communicating the policy to customers, partners and related parties. The Company is also developing organizational efficiency in corporate business strategy, compliance, human resources, information technology and service standard to create corporate culture with most efficient usage of resources to lead the Company business through the obstacles and grow continuously.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to all shareholders and supporters as well as the Company Management and all employees who have contributed your full support to the Company. Board of Directors shall accordingly perform duties with full responsibility for all stakeholders’ interest to grow the business sustainably.