GUNKUL as a business pioneer to produce, procure, supply equipment for electrical system and distribute electricity from renewable energy resources in domestic and international.

Our business in supply chain is successfully manage resources in a form of clean energy use, environmental contamination, and resource depletion.

Apart from our solar farm project with a generation capacity of over 157.9 megawatts, in 2019 GUNKUL has expanded its investment to develop solar farm project in Japan and Malaysia with total capacity of 237 megawatts. Wind power in Thailand amounted to an installed production capacity of 170 megawatts. In addition, GUNKUL has expanded its business opportunity through electrical system construction including transmission lines, distribution lines, grounding system, substations, etc. ALL is confident its 2019 GUNKUL hit a new record high of both revenue and income. The whole order of 8,000 million baht on hands and expand our business to serve more real demand.

GUNKUL focuses on doing business with fairness, transparency in accordance with good corporate governance principles which is a key mechanism to drive business towards sustainable development and growth.

In addition, GUNKUL received the certificate of membership from the Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC). To earn and maintain the shareholders and all stakeholders trust. Recognize the importance of business operations with social and environmental responsibility.

GUNKUL focused on participation and supporting community activities and projects around the company and solar projects areas.

By cooperating with the community to develop water resources, road and building work to improve the quality of life of people. In addition, the company also organized events and various occasions in the area of the solar projects, resulting in the project of the solar farm being well received within the local community.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you to all the shareholders and all stakeholders who trust and support GUNKUL operations. Board of Directors, executives and employees are committed to our mission to maintain organization growth steadily and sustainably for the future.