Manufacturing & Trading

The leading supplier of equipment for power systems and renewable energy systems, covering in all stages of transmission and distribution of electricity from power plants to consumers with goods.

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Power Producer

The Group operates a business of generating and distributing power from renewable energy sources (RES) for supplying to government sector in response to the state policies to promote renewable energy power generation and consumption.

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Engineering Procurement and Construction

The Group capabilities in the production of alternative energy power, the distribution of products related to power plant operations and the engineering services provide the Company a firm step into the business of constructing alternative energy power plants.

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Operation & Maintenance

The Company has earned the trust of its business alliance as well as other operators to be the provider of post-construction maintenance services for their solar farms.

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Solar Power Production System and LED

The Company manufacture, supplies and distributes light bulbs and LED lamp both indoor and outdoor lighting including street lighting, flood light installation type by using solar cell power.

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It has decided to penetrate the solar installation business on the roof of the factory including commercial buildings, residential group, organizations and government agencies and other business groups that need to use large quantities of electricity.

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  • Manufactures and distributes equipment for the installation, maintenance or expansion of 115kV medium to high voltage distribution and transmission lines to provide electric energy to consumers, such as cable welding equipment, cable connection equipment, live part equipment, etc.
  • Manufactures and distributes grounding equipment and lightning protection system (LPS) or lightning rods to prevent the danger from leakage current or over voltages from outside, such as Air Terminal, Exothermic Welding, etc.
  • Manufactures and distributes protective and cut-out equipment for distribution systems and power transmission lines in order to prevent damage to the entire system to cause widespread damage, such as Surge Arrester, SF6 Load Break Switch, Disconnecting Switch, Dropout Fuse Cutout, etc.
  • Manufacture and distributes of 115kV medium to high voltage substation equipment by designing from expert engineers with consideration to safety in use for various power stations.
  • Production and distribution of hand tools and personal protective equipment to enable those who do the job to work quickly and safely, such as Safety Belt, Shorting Circuit Earthing set, 22kV, 33kV, 115kVsystems, Disconnect Sticks, etc.
  • To manufacture and distribute lighting lamp type LED, BIPV Glass, Flexible Solar PV including appropriate alternative energy It is suitable for architectural or landscape improvement, electronic system renovation in the office or factory and consultation on supplying alternative energy systems to customers such as Solar Rooftop, Solar Floating, Solar Water Pump and Solar Air Conditioner system or Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system for Waste Heat Recovery etc.

    * In 2018, Gunkul Lighting LED Co., Ltd. changed its name to “Gunkul Energy Solutions and Lighting Co., Ltd.” to expand its business of integrated power system services.

  • To manufacture and distribute solar cell module including suppling equipment related to the electricity production system of solar energy