To be a leader in integrated energy business covering renewable energy, electrical equipment, and power system, with cutting-edge technology and innovation for sustainable infrastructure development, and to be a global player in cannabis business with desire to improve quality of life and good wellness.


Renewable Energy

Establish renewable energy power plants with high standards and efficiency while prioritizing society, local community and the environment.


Produce hemp/cannabis in accordance with GAP and GMP standards so that it can be utilized in a wide range of products that improve quality of life, allowing customers to benefit the most.


To procure and deliver high quality power systems, energy saving products, cannabis products, distribution channels and render the services to fulfill customers’ demand.


To develop the IT system and adopt the new technology and innovation to improve business efficiency in management, production, and services as well as develop new products and services to fulfill all demands of business partners.


Balance and maximize the shareholders and other stakeholders' returns.

People Management

Enhance employees' capability and broaden their knowledge and skills to extensive level in order to be in line with the Company's core competencies. All employees will be treated thoroughly and fairly, with human rights as a cornerstone.

Management Framework

Business structuring and management in accordance with good corporate governance principles, while maintaining a sense of responsibility for the economy, society, and environment.