Our board of directors, sub-committees, compliance unit and employees of the organization adhere to the principles of good corporate governance.

Therefore, it is a guideline for the operation of the Company in order to determine the quality management system by focusing on transparent disclosure, which will result to standardized performance. Boost productivity to build competitiveness and add value to the owner. These will satisfy the stakeholders. Stakeholders have set “Good Corporate GovernancePolicy” for theBoard of Directors, sub-committees, executives, and employees have adopted the guidelines as follows:


Responsibility for Performance and can explain to the practice.


The full realization of duty and efficiency.

Equitable Treatment

Respect for rights, treatment of stakeholders honestly. And equitably also include opportunities for stakeholders to participate fairly.


Disclosure, operation is transparent and can be verifiable.

Value Creation

Value Creation for short and long term, by improving and enhancing competitiveness.


Ethics and code of the conduct for operation business.

This corporate governance policy has been agreed and approved in writing and was last reviewed in the Board of Directors Meeting No. 2/2023 on February 27, 2023. For the purpose of preparation and policy matters of Good Corporate Governance to be use as a tracking policy, control and supervision of the delegates to administrative functions by managing the organization’s resources, that is used effectively and effectively targeted. Including the maximize return to all stakeholders are fair. In addition, the Board of Directors has regularly reviewed these policies and guidelines on a regular basis and the Company adheres to the principle of good and regular supervision.

The details of the Company’s Good Corporate Governance Practices have conducted and prepared in accordance with good corporate governance principles for the listed companies with continuous improvement of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Company has continually reviewed and updated to ensure that they will compliance with good governance principles. The structure and guidelines of Good Corporate Governance are divided into 5 parts as follows: