The first pilot project in Thailand.

Microgrid Project at Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son Province with the Provincial Electricity Authority, comprising of 8 stations as follows:

  1. Nong Han Station, Udon Thani Province
  2. Nong Bua Lam Phu Station, Nong Bua Lam Phu Province
  3. Phuket 1 Station, Phuket Province
  4. Phuket 2 Station, Phuket Province
  5. Ranode Station, Songkhla Province
  6. Sunghaigolok Station, Narathiwat Province
  7. Krabi 1 Station, Krabi Province
  8. Krabi 2 Station, Krabi Province

Total 132.9 million baht in project management duration 450 days. The project is considered as the company's renewable energy business in terms of sustainable energy management.

The important benefit of Microgrid Project is to increase the reliability and stability of the electrical system. In case of the main power grids system failure, the micro-grid system can release itself independently. It can be utilized the source of electricity from other sources to replace the loss of electrical energy from the main distribution system or energy storage systems. The system can determine power quality, electrical stability and electricity reliability as well.