According to the Government Policies along with Green Growth Strategy, the company focus on the participation in the Renewable Power Plant Development Project. To be a part that will contribute to the stability of electric power in Thailand, to become environmentally friendly and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Company has studied, data collection and explore potential energy sources in Thailand, which found that wind is a source of clean energy that occurs naturally, unlimited and no energy costs. The wind source that influences in Thailand is Northeast monsoon and Southwest monsoon which occur and blow in the general direction for a long period throughout the season annually. Main areas are located in the central highlands of the country and on the coast. The average wind speed is about 5-7 meters per second. However, the wind turbine technology is developed rapidly to be able to produce electricity efficiently and suitable for wind potential in Thailand. Moreover, Investment support policy to receive benefits from the government sector. On above message, the Company is able to develop and expand the electricity generation business from wind power successfully. At present, The Company has 5 wind power plants with a contracted capacity of 170 megawatt with Sales of electricity to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) have been completed.


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