Gunkul Engineering PCL (“GUNKUL”)has been established since 1982 to supply and manufacture medium and high voltage electrical products and in year 2010, which Government start promoting and supporting renewable energy in order to make sustainable energy for nation, GUNKUL expanded its business to renewable energy business including EPC business, O&M Business and Renewable Energy Power Producer Business. With expertise in renewable energy sector, GUNKUL penetrate its renewable enrgy buisness to Japan.

Nowadays, GUNKUL owns renewable energy power plants in capacity of more than 500 Megawatt. Moreover, with vision from our management forseeing insufficient electricity, GUNKUL initial the campaign “GRoof Smart Living by Gunkul” in order to encourage residential customer to install solar rooftop.

GRoof is setup as one of GUNKUL subsidiaries to focus residential customers which are interested to install solar rooftop. Customer can easily get preliminary install capacity of solar rooftop or contact GRoof Survey Team via website. GRoof also develop its application to allow its customers to monitor energy production.

Last but not least, GRoof is setup to support the customer who are interested to participate in the Residential Solar Rooftop announed by Minister of Energy.

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