The Company has earned the trust of its business alliance as well as other operators to be the provider of post-construction maintenance services for their solar farms. The services under operation and maintenance agreements with these clients include controlling and monitoring the efficiency of operations and sale of the solar farms.

At present, the Company renders maintenance services for 16 companies 37 power plant projects of a total capacity of 179.48 MW

Solar Farm

The Group operates a business of generating and distributing power from renewable energy sources (RES) for supplying to government sector in response to the state policies to promote renewable energy power generation and consumption.

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Solar Roof

At the meeting on 13 August 2013, the cabinet acknowledged the National Energy Policy Councilûs resolution dated 16 July 2013 approving the program on power purchase from rooftop PV system at a quantity generated at the overall installed capacity of photovoltaic panels of 200 MWp, 100 MWp of which for resident-type buildings and another 100 MWp for industrial and factory buildings. The commercial sale to the power network connection system is scheduled to commence within 2013, under a Feed-in Tariff allowance for a term of 25 years.

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Solar Floating

The Company has studied the possibility of installing solar panels on the water in order to produce electricity and connect with the transmission line system to be used.

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