At the meeting on 13 August 2013, the cabinet acknowledged the National Energy Policy Councilûs resolution dated 16 July 2013 approving the program on power purchase from rooftop PV system at a quantity generated at the overall installed capacity of photovoltaic panels of 200 MWp, 100 MWp of which for resident-type buildings and another 100 MWp for industrial and factory buildings. The commercial sale to the power network connection system is scheduled to commence within 2013, under a Feed-in Tariff allowance for a term of 25 years.

Joining the program, Gunkul Engineering PCL has invested in projects in various provinces across the country. Gunkul Power Development Co., Ltd. was then established to support the construction of solar PV rooftop.


TOTAL PROJECTS : 10 Projects

Details of finished projects are as follows :

No. Project Name Capacity
1 WHA Gunkul Green Solar roof1 0.63648
2 WHA Gunkul Green Solar roof 3 0.83232
3 WHA Gunkul Green Solar roof 6 0.83232
4 WHA Gunkul Green Solar roof 17 0.83232
  Gunkul Solar  
5 Gunkul Solar Power2 T-Park 0.53856
6 Gunkul Solar Roof 1 GKA 0.24192
7 Gunkul Solar Roof 2 GKA 0.952
8 Gunkul Solar Roof 1 Pichai 0.0204
9 Siam Gunkul Solar Energy CPAC 0.8736
10 Solar Energy Society COTTO 5.265

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