In 2018, the Company established a sustainable development master plan on the occasion of the GUNKUL’s 36th anniversary

“36 Years of Trust” Why we change?, which is considered as a year of faith in the development of change, expanding business opportunities and the goal of growing through business strategies both domestically and internationally. To aim to a leader in the integrated energy business and stepping forward to the next year firmly and to show the Company’s major changes with the concept of “Not Only the Energy, We Care”.

With the leader of the Company that has a far-reaching vision, “Always look far ahead and see the opportunities that are around all the time” since the establishment of the company in 1982 onwards.

“Don't know what is called vision? But this guy always looks far and always visible opportunities around all the time"

The Company is constantly developing and growing. The success is due to the power of the personnel that the Company is confident that the development of people is progressing. This is one of the successes and growth of the business continuously by setting direction, goals and indicators according to the strategic framework, caring for personnel, caring for business development and caring for society and community, continuous monitoring and evaluation of results.

This is in order to improve and develop personnel, innovation and continuous business to reduce impacts and create value for businesses and stakeholders.