1. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for Sustainable Development

Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited and the are committed to conducting business under the principles of good corporate governance and transparency in order to achieve the objectives according to the vision, mission and policy, and strive to become one of the leaders in the renewable energy and power systems business. It is also a stable step towards the future under the concept of “Not Only the Energy, We Care” that covers the principles of economic, social and environmental aspects, including responding to the public and all stakeholders as follows:

WE Care People

WE Care Business

WE Care Social

We care PeopleTo develop people to be talented, good teamwork and excellent organization.

Because we believe that people are the most important resource of the organization and a key mechanism in driving business to achieve its objectives. Therefore, we focus on developing people to be smart and good, organizing a cooperative work system, creating a unity and team culture; as well as, promoting skills and learning throughout the working period to enable personnel to have skills, ability to perform all-round operations. Including promoting a working culture within the organization adhering to the principles of good governance, equality according to human rights principles and also safety and hygiene in operations that will help lead the organization to excellence.

We care BusinessTo develop a full-service business that responds to stakeholders with great value.

By operating business in accordance with good corporate governance principles with responsibility in response to stakeholders’ needs. This includes non-stop developing technology and creating innovations to improve work, deliver the best products and services to consumers by taking into account quality, standards, safety and environmental friendliness as well as building confidence for stakeholders, and stabilize renewable energy for the country in the future in a complete cycle.

We care SocialTo Conduct business with social responsibility, environmentally friendly, growing sustainable together and promote coexistence with communities

By providing mutual assistance as “Good neighbor” and environmentally friendly which will focus on the management of natural resources for maximum benefit and the development of technology and innovation to create society and the environment, including the management of impacts that may arise from the operations of the Company. It also emphasizes on the exchange of knowledge and experiences among individuals, organizations, communities and stakeholders.

In this regard, the Company has communicated and passed the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for sustainable development to the entire organization to be acknowledged thoroughly, in order to create a culture of responsibility and sustainability for executives and employees at all levels to understand their duties and be responsible for the implementation of the policy, and to respond to the community and the environment in accordance with the sustainable development policy and guidelines.

2. Sustainable Development Strategy

In order to support policies and guidelines for corporate social responsibility policy for sustainable development, The Company therefore sets up a framework and strategy for sustainable development with reference to international operational guidelines, covering both economic, social and environmental issues under the principles of good corporate governance. In this regard, in order to achieve consistent operations across all business groups, a committee for organizational development towards sustainability has been appointed in 2020, for being a leader in the act of setting goals, policies and operational guidelines. Therefore, sustainable development strategies have been established in three main areas: economic, social and environmental as details follow;

To develop people to be talented, good teamwork and excellent organization
  1. Create a suitable “GROWTH” culture model to support the agency and corporate strategy.
  2. Enhance skills for supervisors to be the main role in driving and enhance appropriate behavior for subordinates.
  3. Develop co-behavior of personnel to be changed into new corporate culture.
  4. Improve the human resource management system to facilitate the creation of good behavior for personnel.
  5. Encourage personnel to progress in their careers.
  6. Change the way of work in unusual conditions or situations to ensure that corporate personnel can work safely anywhere.
To develop a full-service business that responds to stakeholders with great value
  1. Develop / improve / provide a complete range of electrical system products.
  2. Extend its capital strength by expanding its energy businesses both domestically and internationally.
  3. Provide modern technology and innovation that can use renewable energy efficiently and comprehensively.
  4. Focus on expanding the construction business, both electrical systems and related equipment, igncluding overground and underground transmission lines, and to undertake more types of submarine cable works for generating income for sustainable growth.
  5. Provide a technology system that is modern and suitable for unusual conditions or situations to ensure that the business operates normally and does not have any impact.
Create opportunities for a friendly society and environment for sustainable communities
  1. Create renewable energy power plants as a source of learning for society and communities.
  2. Create employee participation and community network for development, continue the local culture and support community activities to create a strong society and live together in a balanced way.
  3. Create a network with educational institutions to be a source of learning and career development for students in order to develop skills, knowledge, and abilities to be able to work effectively.
  4. Create careers for people in the community by hiring them to be our employees in renewable energy power plants.
  5. Balance business growth with environmentally friendly innovation, alternative energy and environmental management to create sustainable development in an environmentally friendly way
  6. Adhere to engaging the public sector in strict adherence to unusual conditions or situations, such as the COVID-19 epidemic.