With commitment and caring from the Board of Directors to oversee good corporate governance with good governance and transparency to achieve the objectives according to the vision and mission. In order to aim to be a leader in the complete energy business and stepping forward to the next year firmly under the concept of “Not Only the Energy, We Care”, with responsibility to stakeholders and society. The Company therefore strives to develop employees to grow together with the growth of the organization and living with society and the environment in a sustainable manner by taking into account the needs of stakeholders and Annual Report 2018 531 increasing business opportunities under the social responsibility policy and sustainable development. Also, with the confidence that “people” are the main resources to drive business to meet the needs of stakeholders in a balanced manner and can live happily and sustainably with society.

Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (“GUNKUL”) concentrates in reporting the advancement and operations performance which is relevant both directly and indirectly to all groups of stakeholders through the Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Report which was presented on a yearly basis.

The Company is committed well manage the CSR in parallel with business operations as

“Be a leader in the integrated renewable energy and electrical systems business, implementing state of the art technology for sustainable infrastructure development”.

Moreover, the Company is strongly confident that the success in business operations does not derive only from management and human resources development, but along with the appropriate equilibrium in 3 dimensions of CSR which consist of economic, social and environment under the good corporate governance in order to reach the sustainable business operations as well as create a well-being society to Thailand. GUNKUL’s CSR policies and sustainable development are as follows:

WE Care People

WE Care Business

WE Care Social

We care People Developing Human to be Smart and Good People.

The development of personnel potential which is considered an important resource of the Company for providing personnel with potential, by focusing on flexible work, support for technological changes and respond to the highest satisfaction of stakeholders, by aiming to create opportunities for progress, compensation, appointment for promotion, supporting potential development together with moral development, maintaining the environment, safety and organizing a working system; as well as, promoting skills and learning throughout the work period, by aiming for the employees to be smart and good people with the skills and potential that the organization expects ,to be a driving force and to meet the needs of stakeholders in a balanced manner and be able to live happily and sustainably with society.

We care Business Creating Innovation and Develop Business.

Produce quality products, create business value based on good governance and increase business value through innovation in the extension of the production and distribution of electrical equipment, by alternative energy production from solar and wind energy to enhance environment friendly approaches and trust among stakeholders with required quality and safety standards and reduction of environmental impacts to create value and respond to stakeholders.

We care SocialSustainably Creating and Developing Good Things for Society.

This is to create good relationship and inter-dependency as being “good neighbor” with the surrounding community while enhancing people participation to follow up any possible apportion impacts toward environment conditions. The Company also focusses on knowledges and experiences sharing among relevant persons and agencies to promote appropriate localized development.

The social responsibility policy for sustainable development, the Company has communicated and conveyed to employees at all levels to acknowledge thoroughly in each company in the GUNKUL’s group. All employees have the duty and responsibility to operate as shown in the Sustainable Development Master Plan. All employees must adhere strictly to and continuously under the supervision of the management of the Company.