Dr. Sopacha Dhumrongpiyawut


Almost 4 decades, Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited has been committed “to be a leader in the integrated renewable energy and electrical systems business, implementing state of the art technology for sustainable infrastructure development.” both domestically and internationally.

Throughout the past period, the company has operated in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance, good governance, and transparency. According to “We care” policy framework that focuses on operations and value creations in 3 factors: Economic, Social, and Environment by connecting with planning, monitoring, and risk assessment in the business operation with the sustainability indicator. To be able to respond to the needs of the stakeholders by increasing the capability of the operation while creating sustainable good results for society under the commitment.

“Not only the energy, we care”

We care People : Running the business by focusing on developing people to be “Smart and Good”. We believe that people are an important resource for the business propulsion. In this highly competition, if people have skills, abilities, and preparedness to handle situations appropriately, the organization will be able to move forward sustainably. Besides, in our organization, we have to trust each other for bringing out the best and efficiency part of each person.

We care Business : Expanding the business by developing the innovation, and creating a new integrated business both domestically and internationally; according to, the principles of good corporate governance to respond the needs of stakeholders.

We care Social : Conducting the business in a friendly manner with the emphasis on the society and environment to create good relationship and inter-dependency as being “good neighbor”.