Dr. Somboon Aueatchasai


Dear Our Shareholders,

       The Corona Virus epidemic is a new threat that has never previously occured. It had an impact on the entire world's population and severely threw the global economy into crisis. Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (the “Company") has been closely monitoring and assessing the situation since the pandemic began and has adopted numerous risk-prevention measures as we focus on hygiene and safety of employees and all stakeholders.

“Not only the energy, we care”

       The Company's business performance remains strong and continues to expand with no sign of slowing down. The operating results from the normal operation of the Company's group have increased for the seventh consecutive year. The Company has set a business growth target of not less than 20% for the next three years. According to COP26 World Leader Summit, Thailand’s Prime Minister has pledged to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions and increase the share of renewable energy. Achieving such goals will have a favorable impact on the overall picture of the country's energy business operators and Thailand's Power Development Plan (PDP) in accordance with the aforementioned policy which plan to increase the purchasing of electricity from solar and wind energy in the near term. The Company trust that under the framework and objective to reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions and the expansion of renewable energy from industrial operators to the household level especially the production of electricity from solar energy will significantly increase the demand for the Company's business. The government is also required by the aforementioned expansion to construct a framework for the development of the transmission line system in order to secure the transmission line system's stability in both the distribution and purchase of power. With a range of future breakthroughs, such as the conversion of automotive advances from the combustion engine system to the engine powered by battery power in the form of electric vehicles, the usage of fossil fuels will decrease, and more electric power will be produced. From the above important factors, 2021 is a year of significant organizational restructuring. In order to support the dynamics of important changes in the energy business and related businesses, the Company has established key business lines in accordance with its vision and mission to continue sustainable business operations as follows:

  1. Renewable Energy Business Group
  2. Engineering and Turnkey Business Group
  3. High-Voltage Equipment Business Group
  4. Ecosystem Business Platform & Innovation Business Group
  5. Cannabis Business Group

       In additions, Cannabis Business get benefit from the leniency of the Category 5 of Narcotics Law. This has created a significant opportunity for the Company to expand the business to the development of products containing CBD extracted from hemp flowers for use in patient treatment and as a component in beverage and cosmetic products. The Company's decision to enter this market is influenced by a new trend alert in taking care of Thai people's health.

       The Company's business restructuring will result in the creation of the New S-Curve, which is a critical objective that must be pursued in order to meet expectations. The Company's main plan for the year 2022 will be to focus on expansion through partnering with business partners and promoting each other for mutual benefit, such as the Origin Property Public Company Limited, Jay Mart Public Company Limited, and SCB Ten Ex Company Limited (SCB10X) by Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited, among others.

       On behalf of the Board of Directors, management, and employees of Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited, we would like to thank our shareholders, customers, business partners, financial institutions, government agencies, community enterprises, and all stakeholders who play an important role in the Company's success and pride, including giving confidence and always trusting that the Company will adhere to the principles of good governance as well as good corporate governance to conduct business with this level of responsibility to the economy, society, and environment in perpetuity.

Dr. Somboon Aueatchasai
Chief Executive Officer