Dr. Sopacha Dhumrongpiyawut


Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited “the Company” is determined to be a leader in the integrated renewable energy and power systems business with leading technology to develop sustainable infrastructure for the nation. Throughout the years, the Company has operated its business according to the principles of good corporate governance and transparency under the framework of the “We care” policy which focus on operations and create value in 3 dimensions: economic, social and environmental dimensions by linking, planning, monitoring and evaluating the risk management of business operations with the Sustainable Development Indicators, in order to respond to the needs of the stakeholders and the vision of the Company, to increase the capacity of doing business while creating good results for society and to lead the organization towards a common goal of sustainable development under the commitment of

“Not only the energy, we care”

We care Business : “To develop a full-service business that responds to stakeholders with great value” by focusing on technology development, innovation and providing new businesses to deliver value and meet stakeholder needs to be in accordance with the framework of good corporate governance and business ethics.

We care People : “To develop people to be talented people, good teams and excellent organizations” by increasing competencies in both managerial and operational skills because we believe that employees are the key resource that can drive the organization to achieve the goals.

We care Social : “Social responsibility and environmentally friendly, growing sustainable together and promote coexistence with communities” by promoting balanced coexistence with society as “Good neighbor”.