The Company provides various communication channels among each group of stakeholders which shall enable the Company to understand the stakeholders’ expectations.

Management procedures, communication channels, operational guidelines together with process revision shall be performed continuously in order to fulfill the Company’s mission and endure the organizational growth. The Company’s stakeholders can be categorized as follows:

  • Fair salary and benefit other than stated by the laws
  • Equal opportunity in competence development
  • Promote advancement and security
  • Provide favorable working environment
  • Fair and equal treatment
  • Promote engagement between families, employees and organizations
Communication Channel
  • HR Committee Meeting
  • Welfare Committee
  • Vocational Training courses
  • GUNKUL Training Plan
  • Employee opinion survey
  • Comments and suggestions channels
  • Intranet, Line and Announcement Board
  • Daily Morning Meeting, Walking Public Relations
  • Create a corporate welfare policy that reinforces organizational commitment
  • Annual report, Sustainability Report
Challenge / Guideline
  • Fair treatment by using fair and measurable performance evaluation process
  • Develop / improve proper benefit arrangement
  • Concern in human rights, hygienic and safety in workplace
  • Develop and maintain valuable employees as well as promote employee ethics
  • Engage employees, families and organizations through child welfare scholarships. Benefits from financial institutions
  • Fair and transparent procurement and auction
  • Compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract
  • Complete and on-time payment
  • Long-term business relationships
  • Growth and sustainable progress along with the Company
  • Transfer and exchange of technology knowledge and experience
  • Respect the rights and intellectual property of those who involved
Communication Channel
  • Organize meeting / discussion for mutual agreement and objective
  • Arrange for expertise and the Company’s team to transmit specific business aspect
  • Visit the business partners to learn about their comments and suggestions
Challenge / Guideline
  • Treat all business partners fairly and equally
  • Stand firmly on contract agreements as well as business ethics
  • Inform business partners of process in payment, purchasing, requisition, selection and appraisal. Arrange audit report, follow up and conclude the results for all parties concerned
  • Organize strict control system in confidential information to prevent misusage or illegal disclosure
  • Quality / standardized products and service with fair and competitive price
  • Product and service delivery under agreed condition and in timeframe
  • Offer before sales service such as product usage manual and after sales service as well as other assistance
  • Compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract
Communication Channel
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Customer visit
  • Create company website
  • Comments and Complaints Center
  • Print necessary information on product label or organize a seminar upon request
  • Arrange product booth for sales promotion with recommendations
Challenge / Guideline
  • Offer quality product and service with proper, safety and competitive price
  • Create guarantee process in all supply chain from raw materials to customer’s hand
  • Inspect and control the production and service process as certified and recommended
  • Continuously research and develop quality product with competitive price
  • Well-communicate and strictly comply with agreements signed with customers such as product delivery, service and etc.
  • Operate business fairly and ethically
  • Compete fairly according to the laws
  • Non-infringement of intellectual property
Communication Channel
  • Receive news from the media, public forum, website and sales staff
  • Join in Central Business Agency
Challenge / Guideline
  • Treat competitors fairly and legally
  • Repay the debt on schedule and compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract
  • Arrange proper Risk Management
Communication Channel
  • Set meeting for mutual agreement
Challenge / Guideline
  • Set strict debt control with great concern to the Company’s reputation
  • Supervise the affect on environment and safety of community
  • Coordinate in economic, social and environmental development of community
  • Participation in community and social development
  • Environmentally friendly and healthy production processes
  • Employment of disabled people
Communication Channel
  • Organize public hearing before the business operations to enhance the community with necessary knowledge and impact together with arranging a community satisfaction survey
  • Listen to comments, suggestions and complaints
  • Continuously support the community’s activities
  • Cooperate with the government sectors in complying with all rules, regulations and public benefit activitiess
Challenge / Guideline
  • Operate business ethically
  • Coordinate with the community in education, cultural and local festivals conservation and restoration projects
  • Follow up and preserve safety and quality of environment
  • Support employees in sharing their knowledge and capabilities to the community such as being electrical volunteer and joining the community’s activities
  • Remuneration (dividend and capital gain) from good and sustainable operations
  • Good corporate governance and risk management
  • Success business operations
  • Being treated equally and fairly
  • Disclose the Company’s information in accordance with the facts, accurate, complete, up-to-date and transparent
Communication Channel
  • Submit quarterly and annual report
  • Arrange Annual General Meeting / Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Communicate information and comments through various channels
  • Appoint Company Secretary and Investor Relations to be the contact center for shareholders and investors
  • Arrange quarterly Opportunity Day for shareholders and investors at SET
  • Annual report, Sustainability Report
  • Organize visit to alternative energy power plant
Challenge / Guideline
  • Gain investment returns from transparent operation and continuous business growth
  • Treat shareholders according to the Company’s policies as well as SEC and SET rules and regulations
  • Receive correct, fair, beneficial and timely information
Communication Channel
  • Arrange regular communication activities to support the Company’s good image by presenting beneficial information through various channels such as Opportunity day, press conference, special interview, company visit and press releases
  • Support press activities which are beneficial to society and country
Challenge / Guideline
  • Set high priority to news and update report by focusing on the correct and useful and timely information
  • Arrange regular activities to promote relationship with press.
  • Strictly abide to the related laws and regulations
  • Act against the demand for benefit and corruption
  • Full payment of taxes and fees as prescribed
  • Cooperation and support in various areas
Communication Channel
  • Meeting
  • Annual Report
  • Welcome visit from government sectors
  • Submit correct and timely information to related parties
Challenge / Guideline
  • Conduct fair and transparent business as per the good corporate governance, related to laws, rules and regulations
  • Cooperate in both academic aspect and activity support to the government sectors
  • Control the environmental condition as prescribed by the laws