At GUNKUL SPECTRUM, we're pioneering the future of solar farm management with a proactive approach. Utilizing cutting-edge Thermal Drone Technology, we recognize the critical role of efficient operation and maintenance in maximizing the performance of our solar farm sites nationwide.

The regular health monitoring of solar farms is paramount for maintaining a stable and consistent power output. It directly correlates to the revenue generated by the power plants, as enhanced efficiency leads to increased electricity sales. Moreover, it extends the lifespan of the facilities, contributing to prolonged operational excellence.

Thermal Drone Operations

Deploy & Capture

Thermal drones are deployed over solar farm locations, capturing high-resolution images that form the foundation for our analysis.

Image Processing

The captured images undergo rigorous AI-driven analysis to identify issues like Hot Spots, enabling our system to precisely calculate electricity production decreases and offer detailed insights.

Report Generation

Both service providers and clients can leverage performance reports to optimize solar farm efficiency and address potential concerns.

Maintenance Planning

In the event of anomalies, service providers can swiftly and efficiently replace damaged solar panels or repair the system.

In the past, identifying issues with solar panels involved using handheld thermal cameras, a process that could take up to 3 months per site. By incorporating the Drone Thermal Scan tool, we embrace a forward-thinking approach, enabling both service providers and clients to proactively identify and address potential solar panel issues. This reinforces our commitment to sustainable and efficient energy solutions.