Embark on a dynamic shopping journey with GODUNGFAIFAA.COM, our latest e-commerce platform in collaboration with SCB 10x under the concept of ‘Add Energy To Cart’.

Through captivating marketing campaigns,

GUNKUL SPECTRUM aims to revolutionize the shopping experience for electrical system equipment and intricate solar rooftop systems, making the world of energy solutions both enjoyable and accessible.

With services covering from multiple payment options to logistics, the platform helps buyers such as electrical equipment shops and contractors or customers connect with both domestic and international equipment manufacturers. This effectively eliminates process constraints, and enables nationwide commerce.

After officially launching just six months, the platform has successfully generated over 100 million baht in revenue. Additionally, it has been honored with the Business Innovation Award at the HUAWEI APAC event and the Elite Reseller Award 2022 at the Huawei FusionSolar Ecosystem Partner Summit.

The Revenue in 2022
129.5 Million Baht
Website Visitors
an average of at least per month
20,000 - 30,000
Godung faifaa platform's objectives are as follows

Godung Faifaa brings together the world’s leading brands of electrical and solar equipment by dividing popular products into 4 broad categories

The project’s price proposal is no longer time consuming to prepare. It is possible to order online. No need to wait for administration.

Convenient and secure transportation options with shipping insurance

Simple and secure payment, plus a 0% installment.

Aiming for a 400 million baht revenue in 2023, Godung Faifaa has stocked at least 5,000 additional items. Although the solar equipment continues to be the platform’s primary focus in 2023, the Company will expand into other electrical product categories to meet the needs of various projects and enhance existing services such as customer service, transportation, and other financial services, with an emphasis on facilitating and providing other financial services, and providing an online shopping experience for electrical and solar devices that creates customer’s reliance in every purchase of products.

Godung Faifaa platform has 4 main strategies for 2023 :

  • To be the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive photovoltaic and electrical equipment
  • A substantial growth of over 7.5 fold in subscriber base
  • To be the largest solar panel importer and distributor in Thailand.
  • Establish an eco-system conducive to the growth of solar and electricity businesses in all dimensions throughout the country

Apart from business objectives, Godung Faifaa aspires to create a learning community that teaches customers how to purchase high-quality products and maximize their value through world-class partners such as HUAWEI and SIEMENS.

HUAWEI, as the world’s most popular inverter brand, offers a diverse selection of high-quality smart inverters and batteries at competitive prices, which is believed to upgrade the solar power generation system and increase access to clean energy for every household. SIEMENS offers a broader range of products including consumer unit or electrical cabinet equipment, circuit breakers, and electric vehicle chargers to meet the need of Godung Faifaa. This will enable the platform to expand and support additional groups of electricians and solar operators ranging in size from small to large.

Godung Faifaa platform employs 4 main strategies
Best Price Offer
Real Time Process
After Sale Service and Warranty
Logistics Services (end-to-end)

From the seller’s perspective, platform advantages include assisting large sellers in managing the difficulties they frequently encounter when doing business with small buyers, such as clarifying product details, inquiries, negotiating prices, and issuing various documents. From the buyer’s perspective, platform advantages include ensuring them that products are directly from the manufacturer or an authorized representative and that they paid a price close to the factory price or the lowest price available on the market.

The platform is currently operational with a number of well-known brand sellers, including HUAWEI and SIEMENS, and over 400 products have joined the platform. The Company intends to expand its seller base in order to meet the needs of customers who want to find products more easily, conveniently, and affordably