In line with the energy sector's commitment to promoting renewable energy use and reducing national greenhouse gas emissions, GUNKUL, alongside with GUNKUL SPECTRUM, recognizes a significant opportunity in VPP technology as the next step for energy & carbon management that extends an invitation to all stakeholders to actively participate.

As part of the ERC Sandbox Phase 2 initiative, the innovation unit is dedicated to leading Thailand into a sustainable future through integrated digital technology. Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology not only enhances management planning efficiency but also provides long-term benefits to all stakeholders, offering opportunities for growth and development as a digital platform while allowing for the inclusion of new stakeholders as the landscape evolves. These advancements aim to ensure the stability of the grid system and maximize energy and environmental-related gains.

The Company’s concept is to develop a platform that combines a business model to increase the efficiency of management planning in both financial and energy perspectives in the long term for creating maximum benefits for all parties involved, such as electricity supplier, electricity consumer and power grid system administrators, without affecting the stability of the grid system.

How it works

The platform will gather electricity users who have potential in electricity production (Prosumer) and general consumers (Consumer) in the platform.


The platform unites potential electricity producers (Prosumers) and general consumers (Consumers) while an administrator (Aggregator) oversees the collection and purchase of electricity from Prosumers within the platform. The Aggregator's function is to collect electricity from a clean energy source and ensure sensible & affordable selling rates, and at the same time maintain the stability of the grid system. Additionally, the Aggregator provides a comprehensive report detailing the power units traded on the platform and processes wheeling charge payments to modify opportunity costs and expenses incurred by the grid system administrator.