Gunkul Engineering (GUNKUL), is a manufacturer and supplier for a wide range of products used in electrical substation system which meet industry standards.

GUNKUL provides customers with high quality products for substation construction and maintenance projects in order to get reliable and efficient electric power systems that benefit all sectors for sustainable development.

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Cable and Accessories

Cable Accessories (Termination kit, Splicing kit, etc.)

Fuses, Switchgear, Circuit Breaker, Instrument Transformer

Fuse Cutout
Disconnecting Switch
Load Break Switch
Gas Insulated Switchgear
Current Transformer
Voltage Transformer
Circuit Breaker

Hardwares and Connectors

Supporting Structure

Ligthning Protection

MV Surge arrester 9kV - 33kV
HV Sugar arrester 60kV - 230kV

Tools & Maintenance

Hydraulic tools
Hot line tools
Safety tools
Test and measurement instruments
Hoist, Pulling Grip and Wire Grip

Grounding System

Ground rod and Clamps
Welding powder and mold
Lightning Protection Systems