Code of Conduct

Business Ethics Policy
Business Partner Code of Conduct


Board of Directors Charter
Audit Committee Charter
Risk Management Committee Charter
Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter
Good Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee Charter
Executive Committee Charter
Internal Audit Charter
Company Secretary Charter

Policy and Procedures

Procurement Policy
Environment and Climate Change Management
Tax Management Policy
Remuneration and Welfare for Executives and Employees Policy
Enterprise Risk Management
Human Rights Policy
Anti-Corruption and Whistleblowing Policy
Succession Plan and Talent Management Policy
Role,Authority,Duty and Responsibility of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Policy
Transaction Measures with the Non-Related and Related Parties and Authorization
Good Corporate Governance Policy
Nomination and Appointment of Directors and Executives Policy
Determination on the Remuneration of All Committees Policy
Vision, Missions and Corporate Culture
Investor Relation Ethics Policy
Dividend Payment Policy
Human Resources Management and Development Policy

Corporate Documents

Articles of Association
Memorandum of Association
Company Affidavit