The Company is committed to managing and reducing the environmental impacts related to business operations according to its strategies “Create” “Contribute” and “Share” in line with the country’s goals, adapt, and respond to climate change risks. The company expanding its clean energy port, developing an energy storage system, and creating business growth coupled with creating stability for the smart grid system to be a part of a strong starting point that transforms and drives sustainable environmental solutions.

Environmental Responsibility

The Company has an environmental compliance management system to prepare and develop a proactive action plan to ensure that business operations comply with laws, regulations, policies, standards, and requirements related to the environment and also gives importance to controlling, preventing, and reducing environmental impacts by operating according to international standards, covering environment issues as follows:

Air Quality Control
Drainage System Management
Non-Hazardous Waste Management
Greenhouse Gas Management
Noise Control
Waste management from production process
Water Management
Energy Management

Greenhouse Gas Emission Management

As the Company is the leader of integrated energy companies in technology and innovation in clean energy that is environmentally friendly, the Company aims to be part of solving the global warming problem seriously by promoting clean energy as the main energy to drive low carbon society. There is a management approach based on the strategy of “Create” “Contribute” and “Share” by the country’s objective as follows:


to develop renewable energy to replace electricity generating from fossil fuel.


to being part of Thailand to succeed the target on climate change which include target for Carbon Neutrality in 2050 and Net Zero Emissions in 2065 through the development of the renewable energy project and forest plantations for absorbing carbon dioxide.


carbon credit which are generated from our green projects such as renewable energy and forest plantations for absorbing carbon dioxide to the sectors or any organization that need to compensate with their released of greenhouse gas.

In addition, the Company aims to develop a process for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from business operations to be able to operate business sustainably by having assessed greenhouse gas emissions according to measurement review standards and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and reductions at the organization level.

Key Performance in 2022
The total amount of greenhouse gas emissions of the organization
(Head Office, Renewable Energy Business and Engineering and Turnkey Business)
Total Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions:
5,445 tCO2e
Scope 1 GHG Emissions:
1,092 tCO2e
Scope 2 GHG Emissions:
1,439 tCO2e
Scope 3 GHG Emissions:
2,914 tCO2e

Percentage of increased of Greenhouse gas emission of the organization 4.58
(Target: Percentage of decreased of Greenhouse gas emission of the organization 5.00) Remark: The Company target and performance in 2022 covered only head office and renewable energy business.

Energy Management

The Company is committed to conserve energy to achieve a serious and sustainable result and to have an appropriate planning and strategy policies for operations by having serious and continuous operations throughout the organization. Also, appointing responsible persons and assigning responsibilities to monitor the performance and measurement by using guidelines and indicators according to international standards. The Company operate through various activities to create awareness and operating guidelines to all employee for the maximum use of energy as follows:

Carry out activities or projects to encourage organizations to use energy for maximum benefit and reduce energy consumptions within the organization.

Install solar power generation systems in business establishments, factories, and renewable energy power plant branches by using alternative energy to replace the main energy.

Key Performance in 2022
Electricity Consumption
4,225,136.47 kWh
(Head Office, Renewable Energy Business, Engineering and Turnkey Business and High Voltage Equipment Business)
Head Office and Renewable Energy Business
2,765,319.27 kWh
Engineering and Turnkey Business
111,173.75 kWh
High Voltage Equipment Business
1,348,643.45 kWh
Percentage of energy consumption from outside per number of employee
11,017.21 kWh/person
decreased 20.59
(Target: Percentage of energy consumption from outside per number of employees decrease for 5.00) Remark: Target and performance in 2002 cover only head office and renewable energy business

Water Management

The Company consider the problems and effect from water shortage which is the key problem in the society. The Company aim for the efficient water management along with the sustainable conservation and restoration. The Company operate water management through following activities.

Creating employee awareness of water saving through useful resources activities/campaign.

To regularly inspect, maintenance and repair water using equipment for prevent leak and reduce the loss of water.

To regularly inspect the quality of the water before discharge by outsource team in order to be certain that the quality of the water after treatment will no effect to the environment and the surround society.

Key Performance in 2022
Water Consumption
61,056.87 m3
(Head Office, Renewable Energy Business, Engineering and Turnkey Business and High Voltage Equipment Business)
Head Office and Renewable Energy Business
45,760 m3
Engineering and Turnkey Business
6,655.87 m3
High Voltage Equipment Business
8,503.00 m3
Percentage of water usage per employee per number of employee
2.98 m3/person
decreased 34.12
(Target: Percentage of water usage per employee decrease for 5.00) Remark: Target and performance in 2002 cover only head office and renewable energy business

Waste and Pollution Management

The Company supports to use of resources efficiently to reduce the amount of waste and make the best use of resources. The Company aims to achieve zero waste to landfill, reduce the impact on communities, society, and the environment, as well as promote business operations in the circular economy toward sustainable waste management. And manage waste by adhering to the easy-to-understand principle of "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" under the Zero Waste Project, as well as adhering to the 8Rs principles in the organization to minimize the impact on the environment.

Key Performance in 2022
Amount of waste from the production process
253.29 tons
(industrial waste)

Percentage of waste from landfill production process 1.33

(Target: The amount of waste from landfill production process is zero)

Remark: Scope of information: Renewable Energy Business Group and High Voltage Equipment Business Group

Harzardous waste
7.88 tons (3.11%)
Non-hazardous waste 245.41 tons (96.89%)
3Rs principle management
249.93 tons (98.67%)
Landfill waste management 3.36 tons (1.33%)

In addition, to the issue of reducing and controlling pollution from waste and waste management effectively. Gunkul recognizes the importance of the air pollution issue. Even though the activities in the renewable energy business and the electrical system business operated by the company do not cause significant impacts or generate air pollution. At Gunkul, we aim to manage and reduce the impacts of air pollution including greenhouse gas emissions, gases, vapours, dust, soot and other pollutants. To reduce the impact on the community and the environment. Monitoring is required to control air quality from all types of pollution sources following the standards of the Department of Industrial Works or related standards.