The Company manufactures, assembles, procures, and distributes light bulbs and LED lamps (LED)

The Company manufactures, assembles, procures, and distributes light bulbs and LED lamps (LED) for use both inside and outside the building, including street lamps, floodlights, and those powered by a solar system and battery, BIPV Glass and Flexible Solar PV, which are suitable for architecture or landscape improvement.

It also carries out the service of electrical system improvement in office buildings or factories; providing consulting services for managing alternative energy systems that are suitable for customers; engineering, procurement and commissioning of electrical systems or power plants such as Solar Rooftop, Solar Floating, Solar Water Pump, Solar Air Conditioner or Organic Rankine Cycle System (ORC) for Waste Heat Recovery, etc., which operates under Gunkul Utility and Energy Co., Ltd. in order to assist in the growth of the business, market, and customer base for a group of electricity users looking to save energy or improve the efficiency of their business’s electrical system in a broader and deeper way.

Led Lamps (LED)
Street Lamps
Solar System
Bipv Glass
Flexible Solar PV
Solar Water Pum

By producing products that adhere to international standards and are of superior quality, it has earned the trust of a diverse customer base, including project customers such as sugar factories, steel mill groups, hospital groups, bank groups, and warehouse rental service providers, as well as government customers, universities, and distributors in Bangkok and other provinces throughout the country.

The Company focuses on developing and increasing its competitiveness by providing comprehensive services to customers with an emphasis on energy conservation. These services are supervised by a team of expert engineers and highly experienced technicians to ensure that customers can trust the Company to deliver goods and services that meet international standards and are of the highest quality.

Producing and distributing solar panels, as well as procuring equipment for solar energy generation systems

The Company has continuously optimized the efficiency and manufacturing technology of solar panels to increase the power output per panel in the future. In production, the Company adheres to international quality standards and makes use of automated mechanical production technology, which is consistent with the government’s policy of accelerating the country’s transition to Thailand 4.0 on renewable energy, and ensures that people have access to electricity on a continuous basis. Additionally, it also supports the green energy policy to make the country a low-carbon society by moving toward net zero emissions as set.

Production of solar panels according to TIS 61215 and TIS 2580 standards

PV Solar module manufacturing process