The Company realizes that the long-term achievement of the Company and the well-being of the society must grow together. Therefore, the Company creates shared value within the co-working process with internal and external communities of the organization, as well as the community network of all sectors to promote business strength and confidence together with responding to social needs and creating a strong and livable society, as well as placing importance on all group of stakeholders fairly and ethically without discrimination according to human rights policy.

Human Rights Approach

Conducting business with integrity and adhering to responsibility towards stakeholders is an important factor that enables the Company to succeed and drive sustainable business growth. Therefore, the Company has established a Human Rights policy to serve as a guideline for directors, executives, employees, and stakeholders to acknowledge and strictly comply with, including law and human rights principles, to ensure that the Company’s business operation is free from human rights violation based on recognizing values and equality.

Key Performance in 2023
None Case

of labor issues and human rights complaints (Target: None Case of labor issues and human rights complaints)

Received The 2023 Role Model Organization Award in Human Rights from the Department of Rights and Liberties Protection, Ministry of Justice.

Human Resource Management

The Efficient recruitment method, motivation, potential development, and employee care are the key fundamentals for strong team building to drive the organization to grow sustainably. The guidelines for taking care of and retaining employees are as follows.

  1. Fair employment and recruitment.
  2. Training and Development of Personnel Potential “Organization grows Employees Growing” (We GROWTH Together.
  3. Welfare and Compensation are appropriate and sufficient in a good working environment.
  4. Employee Engagement: For the employee to create results and for self-development continuously.
  5. Promoting Employee Progress maintains personnel awareness of the stability in their own career.
Key Performance in 2022
All Employee
1,219 Persons
Average Training Hours
5.61 Hour/Person/Year
(Target: Average Training Hours of not less than 9 hour/person/year)
The Average Score of Employee Satisfaction with the Organization
(Target: Percentage of employee satisfaction and loyalty of not less than 80.00)
Turnover Rate (Including temporary staff)

Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Management

The company strongly encourage taking care of all employee and related workers in a safe working environment that complies with the law, international standard, and other regulations for the safety of the working person, suppliers, contractor, sub-contractor, and community which are the Company stakeholders related to the business operation. As a result, the Company established the Health, Safety, and Working Environment Committee which is responsible for establishing the prevention and decreasing workplace injury also, promoting and supporting safety in the workplace for those who work to comply with the Company safety standards including promoting knowledge, understanding and awareness to all level of employee to realize and participate in safety, occupational health, and environment management continuously.

Key Performance in 2022
Number of time-off accidents of more than 3 days
4 Cases
The rate of Lost Time Injury of more than 3 days (LTIFR)
(Target: Number of time-off accidents of more than 3 days Zero case ) Note : case per one million working hours
Work related death rate of employees
0 Case
Work related death rate of Contractors
0 Case

Customer Relationship Management

The Company gives priority to the quality of life of the customers and focus on clean energy production for all groups of customers to access such as the government sector, private sector, and all citizen because clean energy is a key to driving net zero emission to low carbon society to decrease effect to the environment sustainably.

The Company developed product quality, increased production efficiency, responsible distribution, and services, and gave precedence to present customers and to create new customers by developing technology and innovation for integrated power systems with environmentally friendly to develop the infrastructure sustainably along with good quality living for all group of customers because the Company believes that “Energy is the fundamental right for all human”.

Key Performance in 2022
Percentage of customer satisfaction
(Target: Percentage of overall customer satisfaction of not less than 90.00)

Community and Social Responsibility

The Company is committed to promoting coexistence with the community by creating friendships and helping each other as “Good neighbors” to develop and strengthen the community, encourage people in the community to have a good quality of life, build community engagement to explore needs and expectations, and strength mutual understandings. The Company developed the business to create clean energy that is accessible to everyone in society and gives back to society along with taking care of the environment by having operational guidelines there are 3 ways to promote and develop society, as follows:

Create a learning society: Promote learning resources for renewable energy power plants to expand their knowledge, further study and spark ideas on renewable energy development and application in daily life.

Promote a good quality of life: Supporting various projects, whether in terms of promoting well-being, education, and quality of life and well-being.

Support activities and build community engagement: Co-existence with the community by creating friendship and helping each other as good neighbors.

Key Performance in 2022
Overall scores of satisfaction and community engagement
(Target: Overall community satisfaction and engagement not less than Percentage 80.00)
Case of significant complaints on community issue
0 Case
(Target: None Case of significant complaints on community issue)

Business innovation for social creation

From world megatrends into new dimension of full clean energy management and sustainable business growth, In addition to business development to support modern, sustainable, stable and affordable energy for consumers according to Goal 7 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Another important goal for business development to create sustainability for society that the company gives importance to is Goal 9, which are infrastructure development to be ready for change, promote adaptation to be a sustainable and inclusive industry, support innovation, create smart energy, develop technology coupled with the use of energy consciously, bring clean energy to household sector, reduce inequality and limitation in various dimensions for all to have full access to sustainable energy in their daily life.

Key Performance in 2022

GODUNGFAIFAA E-commerce, the energy business innovation that GUNKUL SPECTRUM has collaborated with SCB 10X.

Has received these 2 awards from Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Congress 2022 at Singapore as follows, Excellent Case-sharing Award 2022 and Business Innovation Award 2022. Moreover, GODUNGFAIFAA also received the Elite Reseller Award 2022 at the Huawei Fusion Solar Ecosystem Partner Summit. This reflects responsible operations and recognition from global business partners.