As a comprehensive energy solutions provider, we prioritize establishing long-term relationships with customers through continuous care via Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services, ensuring the highest efficiency and reliability of power plant operations, as well as engaging in community-related activities.

Total Capacity
302.258 MW
Total Project
Commercial Operation Date (COD)
804 Projects

Our O&M services cover comprehensive power plant management, involving systematic monitoring and on-site inspections to maximize energy production efficiency, leading to substantial electricity cost savings for customers under Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contracts. Our dedication to providing quality and clean energy not only serves as an additional revenue stream for the company but also emphasizes our environmental responsibility.

Beyond our outstanding engineering expertise and post-sales support, which includes prompt equipment repairs and claims handling for customers, O&M also aims to foster positive relationships with local communities through various CSR activities. This highlights another crucial aspect of our commitment to generating economic, environmental, and business-related benefits.

Our Locations

Currently, the company has power plant projects located throughout Thailand, making O&M a crucial unit with a broad and challenging scope of care. This encompasses diverse geographical locations and controlling project impacts in a positive direction for stakeholders and nearby communities.

Our Projects Cover
51 Provinces
Total Project
804 Projects