Driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to energy as a fundamental human right. GUNKUL is dedicated to making energy, especially green energy, accessible, understandable, and customizablefor every individual. To further this commitment, the company established an innovation unit known as ‘GUNKUL SPECTRUM’ on September 3, 2020

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the commitment to innovation is not just a strategic advantage; it's a necessity for long-term sustainability and growth. With four decades of expertise in B2B and B2G ventures, the company is well-equipped with knowledge, connections, and the confidence needed to embark on a new frontier – venturing into new market segments and embracing B2C opportunities.

Our mission is clear : Innovating the energy Landscape for future generations.

From solar plant monitoring systems using smart drone technology to an electrical equipment e-commerce platform, from EV charging business to Virtual Power Plant and Energy Trading platform - GUNKUL SPECTRUM has been hard at work pioneering digital energy solutions and services, unlocking energy dilemmas and bridging thegap for users of all sizes alongside partners from various industries. By staying ahead of the curve in the evolving energy landscape, shifting from centralized to decentralized systems - together we'll create a brighter, greener future, forging stronger ecosystems and improving lives along the way.

The development principle of GUNKUL SPECTRUM is divided into 3 axes

Energy Excellence

Our first principle focuses on Performance Enhancement. We continuously strive to optimize and elevate the performance of existing energy solutions, making them more efficient, reliable, and sustainable

Market Pioneering

Our second principle is Market Expansion. We're dedicated to exploring new horizons, extending our reach, and identifying untapped opportunities to bring our innovative energy solutions to a broader audience

Innovation Catalyst

The third principle, New Energy Innovation, is atour core. We're committed to pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and developing groundbreaking technologies that will shape the future of energy and drive the transition towards a sustainable energy landscape

Strategic Partners