Volt Energy Marketplace marks the initiation of GUNKUL SPECTRUM's innovation journey, establishing a network of over 450 qualified energy contractors nationwide. Consolidated on an online platform, it aims to connect with homeowners and businesses seeking services for the installation of solar rooftops and EV chargers, elevating accessibility from offline to online.

Offering a seamless, convenient, and secure matching service to customers, Volt Energy Marketplace focuses on the households and SMEs with installation needs ranging from 3 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts of electricity users with monthly bills starting from 3,000 Baht. This strategic expansion not only enhances business competitiveness but also positions the platform itself as a hub for top-tier electricians, committed to delivering quality services and new job opportunities. Currently, Volt has been chosen to undertake solar installation projects for Origin Property, PRUKSA, and various other clients.

The Volt Platform Services Cover

The VOLT Platform’s services are not limited to providing services to customers but also to providing a fair services to installers (Installer/ EPC contractor) to be comfortable at work.

  • Expand online sales and marketing channels.
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps and reduce marketing efforts for emerging contractors.
  • Coordination and inquiry service.
  • Receipt of payment and mitigation of risk for the installer.