Dr. Somboon Aueatchasai
Chief Executive Officer

Dear our Shareholders, Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited

Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited operates renewable energy business, equipment and integrated electrical systems with modern technology and innovation to develop the infrastructure to be strong and sustainable.

Amidst the challenging situation that businesses around the world are facing, whether it be economic fluctuations, political and geopolitical factors, energy crisis including the effects of climate change, which these factors result in the public sector facing challenging problems in their lives and having to adjust their lifestyles according to the economic and social context leading to widespread problems of social inequality.

With a commitment to develop the business to grow sustainably with social responsibility under the commitment “not only the energy, we care” that we are not only cared about clean energy innovation but we also care about the existence of the world and the quality of life, the Company therefore moves forward in investing and developing clean energy businesses to lay the foundation for energy security both within the country and abroad. The Company aims to be one of the leaders in producing electricity from renewable energy with a cumulative production capacity increasing to 2,000 megawatts within 5 years, along with developing technology and innovative digital products in the energy field to respond to the basic needs of people in society and reduce inequality in access to clean energy, allowing everyone to choose their own energy sources and have access to stable energy at a reasonable price. Along with driving a low-carbon society and supporting the country’s achievement of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2065.

In 2023, the Company has expanded its clean energy technology portfolio and created stability for the electrical network system along with building bonds and creating shared value with all groups of stakeholders with responsibility for a growing business, for a livable society, and for a sustainable environment. As a result, the Company received a sustainability assessment from the Stock Exchange of Thailand or SET ESG Rating with a rating of AA and has been selected to be on the list of sustainable stocks (Thailand Sustainability Investment) for the third consecutive year. In addition, with the determination to push everyone in society to have equal access to clean and stable energy with the belief that energy is a basic right that every human being should receive (Energy is a Human Right), as a result, the Company received the Role Model Organization Award on human rights for large business sector for the second consecutive year, and in 2023 has been elevated to an outstanding award. This reflects the commitment to responsible development and business operations, as well as creating a society that is livable for sustainable growth together.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors, management team, and employees of Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited, thank you to shareholders, customers, business partners, financial institutions, government agencies, community enterprises, and all stakeholders who have an important role in supporting and creating success in the Company’s sustainability operations.

The Company will adhere to conducting business responsibly and strive to drive business to grow and achieve sustainable development goals.