On May 24, 2024, the occasion of the birthday of Mr. Gunkul Dhumrongpiyawut Chairman of the Board of Directors. This is considered an important opportunity for representatives of the executive team. They are doing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Led by Ms. Sopacha Dhumrongpiyawut, Chairman of the Executive Committee and representatives of the management team of Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited provided financial support to the Children Development Center at Wat Sawat Waree Simaram community, amount of 20,000 baht, Wat Sawat Waree Simaram community Elders Club, amount of 10,000 baht, as well as provided scholarships for 50,000 baht to students in kindergarten 1 to the Primary 6 at Wat Sawat Waree Simaram School and provided scholarships for 122,500 baht to students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 6 at Wat Noi Noppakun School. GUNKUL also offered lunch and ice cream for children to create an atmosphere filled with smiles, happiness, and warmth. This activity is a developing strengthen and promote people in the community to have a good quality of life through supporting the development of educational quality and providing educational opportunities to youth to continue education at a higher level including social development through budget support for group activities and join in creating participation between communities. This is in line with the commitment "not only the energy, we care" We care about society, and are committed to promoting community cohesion by extending mutual aid, embodying the role of good neighbors. The company has taken part in the development and elevated the quality of life through supporting activities to build a strong, sustainable society in the future.