On Wednesday 11 January 2017 at 11.00 am, Mr. Gunkul Dhumrongpiyawut, Chairman of the Board of Gunkul Engineering including Gunkul Executive, gave the present to communities located around the company such as Sawadinareeseenaram School, Watnoinoppakhun School, Pre-School Charity, 11th Military Circle, Sawadinareeseenaram Community, Nakornchaisi Community , Ratchapatsadu Community and Wat noi noppakun Community to support the 2017 National Children’s Day.

The company focuses and encourages on activities which create good things for society by supporting the present. With our support, we believe that it can create unity among the children which is along to the Motto for 2017 National Children’s Day “Thai Children Strive to Study for National Stability”.