On November 21, 2022, Mrs. Somluk Kanuenghet, representing the management team received the Sustainability Model Organization in the Thai Capital Market for Supporting the Disabled 2022 “Rising Star” from the Securities and Exchange Commission together with partner agencies including the Ministry of Labor Department of Skill Development Department of Employment Department of Empowerment and Development of the Life of Persons with Disabilities Thai Listed Companies Association and the Association of Disabled Persons Council of Thailand. Considering GUNKUL's determination to support and promote the development of the quality of life of persons with disabilities under Section 33 or Section 35 of the Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Act B.E. 2007, not less than what is required by law. This is in line with business practices following the Sustainable Development Goals. To promote the issue of reducing inequality in people with disabilities through the promotion and development of vocational skills. To create valuable work which is an important foundation for the development of the quality of people in society.