Today, the private sector has increasingly recognized the importance of clean energy. One such company is Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited, which has been in the energy business for quite some time. The company's journey began in 2525 (1982) as a trading company, importing electrical equipment from abroad to sell to government agencies. Subsequently, in 2535 (1992), the company established a factory to manufacture electrical system equipment in-house, aiming to replace imports. With experience and opportunities garnered from the public sector, Gunkul transformed itself into a renewable energy business in 2550 (2007).

Post Today had the opportunity to interview Naruechon Dhumrongpiyawut, also known as 'Nuk,' Chief Operating Officer of Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited. She discussed her initial contribution to the family business, having been involved in and committed to the business her family had founded for 40 years. After gaining experience in the finance industry, she decided to join the family business, inspired by her father's legacy to work at Gunkul.

She stated, 'In line with my father's aspirations, I want to strengthen our family business and ensure sustainable growth for the business even further. Now that the company is listed on the stock market, I aim to make our business a supportive force for the development of energy and the environment for the Thai people and the country as a whole. These are essential survival factors, not just choices.'

One of the clean energy initiatives that Gunkul has embraced is the use of electricity generated from solar energy on rooftops (Solar Rooftop) and the ability to manage energy independently. Aligning with the perspective that energy is a fundamental right for all humans to enjoy, Gunkul has partnered with allies, such as large-scale factories, to invest in installing Solar Cells at 100%, known as Private Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). This collaboration immediately helps to save electricity for large business operators.

Moving forward, the company aims to extend its reach to general consumers through partnerships with Origin Property. This involves installing Solar Cells on condominiums to benefit residents. Furthermore, the company intends to advance towards Micro PPA installations in communities, enabling more widespread access to clean energy. It is hoped that within the next 10 years, Solar Cell installations will grow by more than tenfold.

Looking towards the future, the energy sector will be a large-scale jigsaw puzzle. At present, the company has a number of business teams working to complete this picture comprehensively, striving to solve as many problems as possible in the energy sector, which is the primary business focus. This market is expected to grow significantly, differentiating Gunkul from other energy companies as it has the capability to do everything, facilitating the integration of all energy business points with high quality."

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