Godungfaifaa.com, an online electrical and solar system equipment e-commerce platform, has partnered with Nuovo Plus, a joint venture between Arun Plus Co., Ltd., and Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC), to launch new portable battery products. Aiming to meet the needs of camping enthusiasts and households looking to enhance energy stability, the platform targets to grow its user base by 200% by the year 2024.

According to Kitisak Runghirun, the Managing Director of Godungfaifaa.com, the trend of installing energy storage systems, especially from solar rooftop systems, is increasing rapidly due to efficient technologies, diverse functionalities, and more accessible market prices. The platform has gained trust nationwide for delivering quality solar cell products promptly. Partnering with Nuovo Plus is expected to strengthen the platform's clean energy product offerings.

Mr. Kitisak highlighted the Gendome Home 3000 battery innovation by Nuovo Plus, emphasizing that it goes beyond merely stabilizing energy; it provides a lifestyle choice for modern consumers. This aligns with the current "Power on Demand" trend, where energy is not limited to fixed locations, enabling customers to store solar energy for use in small-scale systems anytime, anywhere, similar to a power bank for home living or outdoor activities.

Patti Boonyasukanon, the Business Development Manager of Nuovo Plus, referred to the collaboration as a way to contribute to the stability of Thailand's electrical energy usage. The partnership focuses on batteries to store energy from natural sources, making it available when needed. The Gendome Home 3000 is considered a suitable product for the new generation's lifestyle, emphasizing environmental consciousness.

The Gendome Home, available on Godungfaifaa.com, comes with a 3 kWh battery capacity, 16 different power ports, and wireless charging functionality. It supports various electrical devices and can be charged either through a regular household power outlet or portable solar panels, ensuring a worry-free experience regarding battery depletion.

Godungfaifaa.com also revealed an increase in customer interest in batteries over the past year. The platform plans to connect customers with quality products from leading brands globally, positioning itself as a top-tier online platform for electrical system equipment.