Kensington Rayong condominiums are at the forefront of promoting solar rooftop solutions to reduce electricity costs for common areas. Integrating clean energy into the lifestyle, they are part of the Origin Smart City Rayong, which is the starting point for a green quality community. Located near the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development zone, this project, led by Origin Gunkul Energy, boasts an impressive solar rooftop system. It is a key part of a mixed-use project that caters to the comprehensive lifestyle needs of the new generation.

This collaboration is dedicated to fostering a low-carbon community, ensuring a stable and sustainable living environment for everyone.

The rooftop areas of Kensington Rayong Buildings 1 and 2 within the Origin Smart City Rayong are equipped with a total installed capacity of over 79.2 kW under a Private Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This agreement enables the buildings to utilize clean energy without any upfront investment, significantly reducing the overall electricity costs for the condominiums over the long term.