In an era where clean energy is becoming increasingly accessible and self-sustaining power generation is no longer a distant reality, GUNKUL is spearheading the installation of Solar Rooftops, reducing electricity expenses for the large-scale Origin Smart City Rayong project and over 800 rooftops within the Origin Property group. This initiative embraces the global megatrend for clean energy, catering to the growing need for efficient and convenient energy consumption.

“Clean energy is no longer a distant concept; homeowners and businesses can now efficiently produce and manage their own energy costs, with just sunlight and rooftop space. This is where the unparalleled strength of solar cells comes into play. In addition to the PPA installation, where project owners incur no upfront costs but pay a fixed electricity rate over the contract period, we have devised financing plans to facilitate easier decision-making for residents to install Solar Roofs. We are also exploring other clean energy innovations such as Energy Management, EV Charging Stations, and potentially battery systems that could further enhance the sustainability of Origin Property's entire ecosystem, from condominiums to complete residential developments.

Within the 3-year span from 2566 to 2568 (2023-2025), it is projected that there will be more than 800 kilowatts of PPA or clean energy purchase agreements that will collectively reduce centralized expenses, along with over 800 kilowatts of EPC installations by Origin-Gunkul for more than 800 single-family Grand Britania rooftops, potentially providing an additional 4,000 kilowatts or 4 megawatts of clean energy” Said Miss Naruechon, COO - Strategic Investment and Sustainable Energy Business.

Additionally, solar panels have been installed at the Grand Britania clubhouse building, with a total production capacity of 16.91 megawatts, along with the installation of solar panels and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. GUNKUL SPECTRUM is driving energy innovation as part of its commitment to creating lasting transformations and fostering a Net Zero society for every household.

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